Hot Air Balloon

If you think Africa is spectacular on the ground, wait until you see its plains, savannahs, rivers and forests from above onboard a hot air balloon. Nothing compares to gazing down upon a vast herd of wildebeests moving across the plains. Or a lion, cheetah or hyena lurking in the bush waiting for its kill.

Your balloon adventure begins at sunrise so you can see the day unfold over the Mara as you glide, float and sail over the incomparable Masai Mara. Don’t worry about the morning chill, cups of hot Kenyan coffee or tea are served to ward off the cold. You’ll sail on the prevailing currents over this ancient land for an hour of an evocative experience before settling back to earth, your head now filled with a lifetime of memories. On landing, a delicious sit-down breakfast awaits, complete with waiting staff and a full hot breakfast in the bush accompanied by chilled sparkling wine or champagne.