Maasai Culture Experience

What’s an Africa safari vacation without a visit to the Maasai village? Forget the photos you've seen of the Maasai People, you can mingle with the Maasai men adorned with the brilliant red, blue and purple patterns of their shukas standing tall and proud, clatching on their spears. And marvel in the beauty of the Masai women bejewelled with bright beaded earrings and scarves.

Arguably the most iconic tribal group in all of Africa, the Maasai, are the dominant ethnic group surrounding the Masai Mara. This nomadic, warrior tribe still retains many of its traditions as the people live largely untouched by modern-day civilization. Many of the Maasai people welcome visitors to their villages to view up-close their culture and lifestyle.

So why visit a Maasai village during your Masai Mara safari tour and what do you get to see? This one hour visit to a Maasai village gives you a chance to interact with the Maasai and get a glimpse into their culture, unique way of life and see first-hand some of their customs and practices.

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