Rwanda Safari and Gorilla Trek Marvel

For most people, mention Rwanda, and the first thing that comes to mind is Rwanda gorilla tours. And that is for a good reason. Rwanda offers its guests some of the best chimpanzee and gorilla trekking on the planet—set against the backdrop of its endless green hills and a stunning mountainous landscape. The unique opportunity to see gorillas in their natural habitat is unforgettable and even life-changing. 

Known as the land of a thousand hills, this undiscovered African travel destination has a lot more than gorilla tours to offer. Rwanda is celebrated for its breathtaking natural beauty, gleaming lakes, wildlife and welcoming people. In the cities, marvel in the warm sense of community, and immerse yourself into history at the museums documenting Rwanda’s history. 

The Magnificent Parks of Rwanda

Rwanda has some of the best safari parks in Africa. The Volcanoes National Park shelters more than half of the world’s mountain gorillas. Golden monkeys, elephants, buffaloes, hyenas, and nearly 200 bird species also take sanctuary amidst the greenery in this park. The park has a beautiful crater lake and offers gorgeous cross-border views of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Nyungwe Forest National Park, the largest remaining tract of montane rainforest in eastern Africa, is another magnificent park in Rwanda. The park hosts a chimpanzee population of about 500, the Ruwenzori colobus, olive baboon, owl-faced monkey, and the local L’Hoest’s monkey.

Top Rwanda Gorilla Tours

Rwanda is home to the rare mountain gorillas, at least 400 of which roam the bamboo forests of Volcanoes National Park. Make your gorilla safari in Rwanda memorable with one of our tailor-made Rwanda gorilla trekking tours. At Africa Marvel Tours, we endeavour to bring you an unforgettable Rwanda safari. Our knowledgeable Africa safari experts combined with our customizable Rwanda safari packages deliver one of the best safaris in Rwanda.