A Typical Day on Safari

Typical Day On a Safari

Are you curious to know what a typical day on an African safari might be like? At Africa Marvel Tours, we create amazing safari itineraries tailor-made to every client’s preferences. 


To give you the most authentic African wildlife safari experience, we add a number of activities to your itinerary depending on the type of African adventure you’re looking for. For this reason, every day is extraordinary and unique for each client. However, some of these activities are consistent across most of our safari packages, and knowing what to expect on a typical day will give you a sense of what your own trip may be like.


A typical day on safari may unfurl this way:

Early morning

As the sun rises at dawn, you’ll be awakened when hot coffee and tea are ready to be served. At this time, the air is cold, and the sun is just starting to rise and is gleaming on the open plains. This is the best time to head out for a game viewing drive, as wildlife is most active in the early morning. 


Be sure to carry your camera, ready to take up great opportunities of photographing birds and other animals. Wear an extra layer of clothes to keep yourself warm, as early mornings can be quite brisk on the plains and in the bush. 


As you head into the bush, you’ll get unrivalled bush views and witness lions hot on the heels of the herbivores baying for some meat. Each turn will offer something extraordinary such as a lioness and her cubs, a herd of elephants moving to a waterhole where animals congregate in numbers and a cheetah stalking a gazelle. 


Your morning game drive will last for about two to three hours. 


After your game drive, you’ll go back to the lodge for a scrumptious breakfast. After breakfast, you can unwind or indulge in any extra excursions that the lodge may offer, such as a nature walking safari, a Masai village visit or a bike ride. 

Lunch and afternoon

Lunch will typically be served in your camp/lodge unless you’ve gone out for an entire day’s game drive, where you’ll be served a picnic lunch. After lunch, you’re free to roam your camp or lodge as you enjoy the surrounding landscape, take a nap, or do some reading.


Here’s another chance to view the big five in their natural habitat. Look out for extraordinary species you may have missed during your early morning game drive. 


As the sun sets, you’ll get back to camp or lodge for a hot shower. After freshening up, you may opt to wind down with a Sundowner and bush diner, where you get to enjoy your favourite drink in the company of friends or loved ones as you watch the gorgeous African sunset unfold right before your eyes. 


When you’re out on safari, every day brings its own surprises, but you can be sure to have an experience of a lifetime. Our extremely professional guides are always there to assist you to plan your memorable getaway so get in touch with us today!