Uganda—The Pearl of Africa

Uganda, though smaller than the United Kingdom, boasts a spectacular array of uniquely diverse landscapes, rich culture, diversity of people, exotic wildlife, and rich ecosystems—it’s no wonder it’s referred to as the Pearl of Africa.

Uganda safari tours will take you through a thrilling African safari. From the wildlife inhabited savannah plains to glacier-covered mountains, from tracking endangered mountain gorillas in the rainforest to rushing down the rapids of the mighty Nile, this has got to be the best safari in Africa!

Our African safari holidays in Uganda will take you on a full safari itinerary encompassing the best of the country’s remote, unspoiled parks teeming with wildlife such as the famed East Africa big 5 species, or on a simple short excursion to the southeast for Uganda gorilla trekking.

The Magnificent Parks of Uganda

Uganda is situated right at the meeting point of the eastern savannah and western jungle ecosystems, making it an excellent destination for a wide variety of African safaris tours. The country boasts some of the most beautiful safari parks in Africa that are home to a variety of plants, birds and animal species.

There are 10 national game parks in Uganda spread around the country and each has something special to offer. Africa Marvel Tours can help put together a safari in any of the parks. From traditional game viewing drives through golden grassland as you search for the big five to trekking through lush rainforest home to the Uganda gorilla and chimpanzees, to a birding experience crowned by the glory of the shoebill, a highly sought-after sight for the true birder. 

Top Uganda Safari Tours

Is Uganda good for a safari? Absolutely! Lonely Planet has rated Uganda as the number 1 travel destination in the world! Your Uganda safari ushers you into a world of breathtaking views, amazing chimpanzee and gorilla trekking once in a lifetime experiences, and rich culture. Contact us for a customized Uganda safari tour suitable for your individual or group travel preferences.