Serengeti National Park - A Paradise Worth Seeing

The Serengeti National Park, one of the most famous Safari parks in Africa, was established in 1952, and it's indeed the most famous wildlife destination in Africa. It's located in Northern Tanzania and stretches over to the Mara region. Serengeti national park tours will give you an exciting opportunity to experience the great wildebeest migration.

With more than one million animals living in this golden savanna and rich soil grasslands, your African wildlife safari will be full of adventure, fun, and learning activities.

The park is famous for predators like black-backed jacks and African wild dogs. In addition, there are over 35 species of plain animals and more than 500 bird species.

You will enjoy intimate game drives, bushwalks, and mind-blowing wildlife exposure on the private Serengeti conservancy. Walking around the park is regulated and is conducted in the presence of experienced and armed guides. 

Only 4x4 vehicles can withstand the rocky and rough roads inside the parks. You are expected to pay a parking fee of $60 daily for adults and $30 for students. Children under the age of five years aren't charged. 

Top Attractions at Serengeti National Park

Apart from the famous wildebeest migration, there are other fun outdoor activities that you can do at Serengeti National Park, including:

1. Picnics in the bush

There are perfect spots for picnics. After a long nature walk, you can have a quick picnic setting and enjoy your lunch or snack, surrounded by beautiful nature. If you're doing a full-day game drive, your hotel or safari lodge will pack a lunch basket. You can make a request for your African safari guide to set up a picnic in the park.

The picnic is set up with blankets and cushions, and you can enjoy your food and cold drinks as you watch the animals from a distance. It's a relaxing and exciting way of making this your best luxury safari in Tanzania.

2 The big five safari

Seeing the lions, rhinos, leopards, elephants, and buffalos roaming is a beautiful and educating task to witness on your Serengeti national park tour. The tour guide will help you to track the animals and also help you learn more about them.

Female rhinos give birth every five years. This fact makes them scarce, and spotting one is thrilling. Elephants are easily spotted near waterholes roaming peacefully.

This is your golden chance to meet the male and female animals in their natural habitat, going on with their daily life. On this big 5 safari adventure, you'll see a wide variety of other animals and birds in this unique transition area.

4. Exploring the Retina hippo pool

Tanzania safari tours are well known for having plenty of hippos. Hippos gather in abundance in the Retina hippo pool, a deep pond formed by a course of the Seronera river joining the Orangi river, to soak, relax and feed.

Watching their territorial fights is very fascinating. During dry seasons the hippos crowd the pool in large numbers, searching for coolness and shelter. Visitors are allowed to leave their vehicles and view the hippos on foot. You're, however, required to approach the pool quietly and cautiously.

Other animals like crocodiles are commonly seen basking along the far shores. With your guide's assistance, you can walk closer to the pool for a better view. Elephants also visit the pool in large numbers to quench thirst.

5. Enjoying a bush dinner

An authentic Serengeti bush dinner is a must-try adventure. Sitting down at a well-set-up table in the middle of the Serengeti under the sun setting, chatting with your friends and family is an unexplainable joy.

Campfires, lanterns, and candles will give you the warmth and energy to enjoy the dinner. Available are traditional dishes, beef, fish, and a choice of salads for vegetarians. 

Music is played in the background to give you a complete jungle dinner. A session to toast a glass of wine will provide you with the unforgettable Serengeti national park tour experience.

Interesting Facts about Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti name is derived from siringit, a Maasai word meaning endless plains. The park is also one of the planet's oldest and most scientifically essential ecosystems. Its whole ecosystem stretches over 12,000 square meters.

The great wildebeest migration occurs between Serengeti and Masai Mara national reserve, part of Kenya, through the Mara River. Many animals are born during this period, which attracts large numbers of predators. After four weeks, the animals migrate back with their young ones.

The Flora and fauna of Serengeti make it stand out as one of the best safari parks in Africa that will leave you amazed by its beautiful nature.

Going on a Safari at Serengeti National Park

Depending on your budget, time and the activities you're targeting, you have a choice of travelling by air or the road. The easiest way to access Serengeti national park is to fly from Arusha airport in Tanzania to any of the many airstrips in the park. 

Some visitors choose to hire a 4x4 safari vehicle from Arusha to Serengeti national park. For international travellers, Kilimanjaro International Airport is the recommended entry. You can take another short flight to the nearest Serengeti airstrip.

Remember to pack a good number of changing clothes. Include raincoats and boots in case the weather changes. Long-sleeved t-shirts and trousers are the best to keep your skin protected while in the bush. Sunscreens and insect repellent creams are other essentials to pack. Don't forget your cameras too. We have a comprehensive safari packing guide on what to pack for your African safari.

Avoid visiting Serengeti during rainy months as it can be hard to explore the jungle. Some roads are impassable during heavy rains and can be a significant barrier to your tour. Consider visiting from January to February or late June to October for the best adventure.

Discover Serengeti National Park

There are a lot of exciting activities you can experience on your Serengeti national park tour. You might even end up extending your planned stay to explore more. 

If you have ample visiting time, book a combined Kenya and Tanzania safari; trust me, it will change your life. The combined safari will add more activities to your luxury safari Tanzania tour. You can tour the Ngorongoro crater, which was formed due to volcanic activities many years ago, and finally, dash to Maasai Mara reserve to wind up your safari in Kenya.

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